Dream Science is located at Bishan and offers Secondary (Chemistry, Physics, Biology), JC (Chemistry, Physics) and IGCSE (Chemistry, Physics, Biology) tuition.

The tuition centre is a convenient 2-minute walk away from Bishan MRT. It is equipped with comfortable chairs, SMART TV and science apparatus for a hands-on experience!

Notes and practices are curated by the experienced tutors. Students will have a better understanding of the subject matter. The challenging questions help prepare students for examinations!

Dream Science begins in 2023 with experienced tutors (Ezra and his team) who have helped many students achieve their dream scores (science distinctions).

Ezra and his team ensure students achieve success by providing clear direction in both academic and life.

Our Past Years Result

distinction for O level in 2022
distinction for N level in 2022
distinction for O level in 2021
distinction for A level in 2021
distinction for N & O level in 2020

Physical Tuition Centre Learning

Students actively participate in the learning process as questions are posed in written and verbal form.

The tutors are experienced and understanding to help students benefit the most from the lessons!


Hybrid Mode Learning

Students can attend our hybrid lessons either via online or on site. Do inform the teachers on which class would suit your learning style.


Hands on Apparatus for Chemistry Tuition

Students are provided with chemicals and apparatus for Science experiments.

About the Founder

Over 100 students achieved distinction


Achieved 90% distinction for O Level in 2022

Achieved 100% distinction for N Level in 2022

Achieved 90% distinction for O Level in 2021

Achieved 100% distinction A level in 2021

Achieved 100% distinction for N & O level in 2020

Ezra was awarded the MOE Teaching Award in 2014 and has taught in the local and international schools. He is passionate about Chemistry and enjoys science communication. He loves to experiment and regularly homebrews too.

His favourite topic is Acids, Bases and Salts which he believes is the foundation of Chemistry. He also enjoys studying Organic Chemistry and its application to daily life.

Graduating from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) in 2017, he has helped many students achieved grade A in their National Examinations (O, IGCSE, A).

He tutored a private candidate taking the IGCSE to a commendable 93 points, A*.

My Story

Ezra hopes to cultivate students that will become lifelong learners, men and women of calibre with the heart and will, to lead and serve in a challenging world.

“I have barely passed my chemistry as I struggle to understand the concept since the day chemistry was introduced in school. I decided to take lessons from Ezra, he made understanding difficult concepts simple and he explained it well. Ezra exposed me to variety of chemistry question that boosted my confidence. As such, I’m not scared to face any difficult questions. Before exams, he gave me revision lesson and practices to make sure I’m prepared for the examination. This shows his concern and care towards his students. Ezra is a fun and engaging teacher that changed my views towards chemistry, instead of being afraid of this subject it has became my favourite subject. After attending his lesson my grades has always been maintaining at grade 1 or 2. Thank you for making my dream come true!”

Avril, Chemistry Programme

Initially, I didn’t believe that I could do well in Chemistry, as I had been getting D8 and F9 grades for the greater part of my upper secondary school life. However, once Mr Ezra started teaching me, I found out that his way of explaining topics helped me understand abstract concepts. Moreover, his fun teaching methods allowed me to finally appreciate the finer parts of chemistry, which let me enjoy the topic much more! All of this honed my chemistry skills, letting me attain an A2 for O’s. I can confidently say that Mr Ezra is one of the best teachers I have ever met, and I believe that most of my success can be credited to him.

Ryan, Chemistry Programme

I have always been failing my Chemistry until I decided to take lessons from Ezra. In the first two classes, Ezra helped me jump from a F9 to an A2 in my weighted assessment. He is a fun and consistent teacher and I looked forward to attending his lessons since he makes lessons interactive and engaging. He used educational games to make sure I understood the topic of chemical formulas. He prepared me well for the National Examinations and ensured I excelled!

Alester, Chemistry Programme

I attended lessons a year before the N levels and I was able to jump from a B3 to an A1.
Ezra is an effective teacher and provided useful advice, notes and practises. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream!

Vernice, Chemistry Programme