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The Last Lap

The September Holidays are over. This signals the start of year end examinations. Whether you are in Secondary 1 or JC2, the time has come. The examinations may determine the next phase of our lives. For those taking the national examinations, your results will enable you to go into your school/ course of your choice. For those taking school papers, your results will

The Importance of Rest

2/5/2023 0600 Wakeup 0600-0630 Wash-up 0630-0730 Travel 0730-1500 School 1500-1530 Rest 1530-1800 CCA 1800-1900 Dinner 1900-2000 Travel 2000-2030 Wash-up 2030-2300 Homework/ Tutorials 2300 Sleep A typical school day. Secondary and JC students all face the struggle with time. We complain there is not enough time. So, we sacrifice our sleep to complete our homework/ tutorials. This results in a tiring next day, next

Reflection on O Level 2022

Today I reflect on the year 2022. It’s post results day. It weighs on my mind. Did the students who scored distinctions deserve them? And how about those who did not achieve glory? I congratulate the class of 2022 for giving their best. They fought hard during the Covid-19 pandemic where their lives were disrupted by the many restrictions in school. Everyone

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