0600 Wakeup

0600-0630 Wash-up

0630-0730 Travel

0730-1500 School

1500-1530 Rest

1530-1800 CCA

1800-1900 Dinner

1900-2000 Travel

2000-2030 Wash-up

2030-2300 Homework/ Tutorials

2300 Sleep

A typical school day. Secondary and JC students all face the struggle with time.

We complain there is not enough time. So, we sacrifice our sleep to complete our homework/ tutorials. This results in a tiring next day, next next day and next next next day. And the vicious cycle continues.

What is rest? Rest usually comes in the form of deep sleep. I feel 7 hours is the minimum. Even the Singapore Army enforces it for its soldiers before strenuous activities. And yes, school is physically and mentally strenuous. Rest also is when the mind is not actively engaged in work. You could be people watching while travelling, reading a book, or even gazing at the ceiling. This too is important.

Do we need rest? Of course! We love the holidays because we do not have to wake up so early, be stressed out with work and feel tired at the end of the day. Just relax on our beds/ sofa and mindlessly scroll the trashy reels on Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok. We need to ensure that all our friends’ stories have been watched and liked. Because. *

*Note: I know not everyone is like that. But some of us are. Me included.

But more importantly we need the rest because we need to work. We need refreshed minds to be inspired when writing our essays, grinding our math problems, and even performing well for CCAs. Science lab accidents can be prevented with sufficient rest. A school day usually lasts at least 7 hours. 4 to 5 hours of sleep is insufficient. You will be exhausted. Even with 3 cups of coffee.

So how can we have enough rest to be refreshed, ready for the challenging day?

You must make sacrifices. You may have to turn down your friend’s invite to dinner after CCA or parties which will eat into the time meant for homework or sleep. Turning down your teacher’s request to be part of a committee to plan a school event because it takes up too much time. And forgoing some of the latest blockbusters (movies/ dramas/ you name it) and have your friends spoil it for you. Setting a time restriction on social media because you just wasted 2.5h watching Zermatt Neo eating/ Sugaresque apologies/ Naomi Neo’s latest house tour/ etc*?

*Note: I expanded my time on these lol

Do we have to be so extreme? It depends whether you are coping well with school. I have observed friends that appear to be gaming at every moment and still scoring the distinctions (btw, the few of them scored straight As for O and A levels). Do they need to quit gaming? No. But they did share they did all the work required but took a shorter time (compared to me) because they understood the content well. Big brains. Everyone wishes they have.

TL;DR: When you have sufficient rest, and are happy, then can you be productive.

The reason why I wrote this excerpt is I have seen students coming for Chemistry tuition classes with eye bags, moody faces. “Are you ok?” I asked. Most of them sighed, a few said “I’m so tired…”

I also struggle with sleep. This is a good reminder for you and me that having sufficient rest/ sleep allows us to perform better in life. Not just work. Life.

Check out this book too! Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. I found it interesting while writing this essay. I used personal examples and experiences in this writing. Feel free to feedback and send your comments to 97718170 😊