The September Holidays are over. This signals the start of year end examinations.

Whether you are in Secondary 1 or JC2, the time has come. The examinations may determine the next phase of our lives. For those taking the national examinations, your results will enable you to go into your school/ course of your choice. For those taking school papers, your results will enable you to move on to the next year of studies.

What do we do before the examinations? How can we be prepared?

1. Stay healthy.

This is the most important rule. Make sure you can physically turn up for your examinations. Do not fall sick and throw a MC hoping to get away. Worse, turn up sick and struggle through the paper running a fever. 3 ways to stay healthy.

  1. Minimum 7h of sleep
  2. Healthy meals
  3. Half an hour of daily exercise

2. Know your stuff.

If you know your stuff, success beckons. What is the strategy?

Practice. Practice makes perfect. Find out your weakness. Keep working on it. Topical questions followed by past year papers. A master is a master as he has more than 10 000 hours beneath him. Think like a master and be one.

Here at DreamScience Tuition, not only do we practice challenging questions to stimulate your critical minds, we conduct mock papers. The mock papers are to test your abilities. They are authentic. Our tutors use thorough error analysis to show you the tips and tricks of examinations ensuring you know how to overcome exam questions. With this muscle memory, sitting for examinations be it school or national, is a PIECE OF CAKE.

We also provide FREE consultations on Sundays 8-11pm. We can even stay past midnight if you need. But I insist that 7 hours of sleep is better.

3. Stay positive.

You may not be satisfied with where you are. Struggling to keep up with the rest. Feeling lost. Unable to reach your desires. But know this. DreamScience tutors care. We know you matter. Every single unique individual. Feel free to share your woes with us. We will carry them with you as we go through this battle together.

From the depths we will emerge stronger and victorious.

Give yourself something to look forward to. The Nov/Dec holidays? The days where you can sleep in without a care in the world. Good food after the exams. Or even shopping sprees! Maybe gaming?

Work towards that. Pain is temporary, grades are forever. Fighting! Last lap baby!~

DreamScience tutors do their utmost to ensure their students’ dreams are reached. Not by daydreaming, but hardcore, intense, grinding practices, revision and summaries. Many have benefitted from the tuition lessons as they reach greater heights and dream even bigger. Chemistry, Physics, Biology, we overcome.

Dream big, achieve success.